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saw this as i was logging into deviantart… i thought it was appropriate to put here

Hopefully I’m submitting this right, I’ve never actually had something to send in before so a bit nervous!

Wasn’t quite sure whether or not this applied— I know that the submission guidelines remind that style is style, and this is a book all about drawing anatomy in different styles (actually a book I’ve been pretty excited about, to be honest). But I was headed to DA today and it struck me as kind of sad: of all the incredible styles and images they had available to use for the advertisement, they picked two where the waists actually make you cringe.

This popped up over on deviantART… thought you might get a kick out of it.

I sure hope this isn’t 100 artists trying to teach people that 2/3rd of all women don’t need organs. :/

Quote from the book: “The biggest problem with most artistic anatomy books is that there is only one contributing artist. He or she is trying to appeal to the broadest market possible which makes “popular” or “experimental” anatomy too financially risky to publish. This diminishes the concept of inventive design and it makes it impossible to compare the work of various artists.”

Being exposed to different styles is really great but the kick starter makes it sound like that young artists should just skip over learning how human anatomy works realistically and just do what all the cool kids are doing it.

As far as I’m concerned teaching people how to stylize before teaching them the facts will do more harm than good. 

"Masters Of Anatomy" Kickstarter

This was a full-screen ad on deviantArt today:

I don’t think I want to learn anatomy from these people.

The middle girl is fine but the other two are really rubbing me the wrong way. Just…. their waists….

i dont know if you’ve already seen this but

So when i tried to get into my Deviantart, and this ad popped up, and it’s just….really redundant that they’re like

"LEARN ANATOMY FROM REAL ARTISTS" when in fact the three examples of some of those artists arent even real, nor accurate in any way anatomy

BUT here’s the link to the actual kickstarter in case anyone wants it:

Heh….”masters of anatomy”. 

wolf-flakes submitted:

Saw this photo, thought of your blog.  I’m not sure if this qualifies as professional, but I think it does.

Came across this ad on DeviantArt, and it seems to me that Power Girl’s chest is being seen from a different perspective than the rest of her body.

To be fair, I looked at the projects and there are some artists there that might challenge the usual ‘ideal body’, but I cringed when I saw this image and though about the many how to draw books we’ve already seen.

Learn anatomy! Learn how to draw women! Draw boobs! 

saw this while on DA. not sure that’s exactly some “master anatomy” right there..

so i saw this on deviantart and just had to share it

I got a lot of submissions for both ads, so I’ve combined them into one. 

I looked at the kickstarter, and they have a lot of different artists with a variety of styles.  The book seems to be about showing how men and women look drawn using each artists’ style and the reader can look for anatomical similarities and differences in each. 

What I find interesting is the project has male and female artists working on it, and male and female characters portrayed in different ways, but the advertisements are of sexualized women drawn by male artists that specialize in cheesecake.  It gives the impression that it’s a “how to draw sexy women” book rather than one with more variety.

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Spider-Men #4

When are we gonna see the 616 Miles Morales?

C’mon, Marvel, don’t leave me hangin’

new ronin in the mighty avengers

That would actually be a pretty awesome twist :D

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Superhero Style Guides by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

(via mikestand)

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This is the single best post I’ve ever seen. 


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SheZow ¿primer superhéroe transgénero para niños?




Avengers 83


I totally wonder if a guy wrote this cover copy.

No, I don’t.

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At Comic Con today, I went as Black Cat. This is a shitty picture and there will be better ones of my whole costume coming up but I just want to say something. 

Black Cat’s costume has a fair amount of cleavage (conservative compared to many other female comic characters but a good amount as far as what I’ve ever shown). I guess I was not surprised to have a couple men ask to pose with me and then do some doofy “WHOA LOOK AT THOSE KNOCKERS” poses. I just make a really ugly face when I see they’re doing it. One guy with the social graces of a lemur said to me “I was this close to wearing that same outfit. My breasts are large and supple and I think it would have been nice.” Nope. Stop talking.

But aside from guys being doofy and awkward (but clearly not foul-intentioned), I did have my first truly skeezy experience at Comic Con today. 

And my first truly empowering moment as well.

This group of men from some kind of Stan Lee fan club blah blah internet video channel blah blah asked to interview with them on camera about Comic Con. I said well okay, sure. Camera is rolling. The “host” is a middle aged, rotund dude. It’s an all-male crew and lots of people (mostly guys) were beginning to crowd around. The following is the interview as burned in my mind. Keep in mind that I expected this to be about Comic Con in general.

  • Him: I’m here with…
  • Me: Mandy, aka Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat
  • Him: ..And she is HOT. Do you think I’m hot enough to pull that off?
  • Me: Uh, I’m not sure, I’ve never seen you in drag.
  • Him: I’ve got a great ass. Go on, spank me.
  • Me: (look at his large ass, popped up mere inches away from me then look into the camera like are you kidding me . No thanks. I may hurt you, I’m a lot stronger than I look.
  • Him: Aw come on!
  • Me: No, seriously. Stop.
  • Him: Damn, alright! Well let me ask you an important question then…what is your cup size?
  • Me: (big talk show smile) That is actually none of your fucking business.
  • Him: Oh! I think that means to say she’s a C. 
  • Me: I actually have no breasts at all, what you see is just all of the fat from my midsection pulled up to my chest and carefully held in place with this corset. It’s really uncomfortable, I don’t know why I do it.
  •  Him: (to the male crowd) Aw, come on what do you guys think? C cup? 
  • —a few males start to shout out cup sizes as I stand there looking at this guy like this has to be a fucking joke, then look at the crowd and see that no amount of witty banter or fiestiness will stop making this whole thing fucking dumb. It was clearly a ploy to single out cosplaying women to get them to talk sexual innuendos and flirt with this asshole and let him talk down to them simply because they were in costume and were attractive. Whether I’m in a skintight catsuit or not, I’m a fucking professional in everything I do and I don’t need to play nice for this idiot.
  • Me: This is not an interview, this is degrading. I’m done. (I walk away)
  • Him: (clearly dumbfounded and surprised) ..Come on, it’s all in good fun!
  • Me: Being degraded is fun? That was unprofessional and I hope that isn’t your day job because you can’t interview for shit, my man.

And the entire crew and the crowd were SILENT. NOTHING. SHOCK, HONEY. It felt like I was in a heated fog, full of rage and pride and I sashayed away feeling like the most badass motherfucker in the whole damn room, but kind of also on the verge of tears. A slow build of applause would have been appropriate, but from the looks on people’s faces, they were just completely not expecting me to do what I just did- which was really nothing more than speaking up for myself. It wasn’t something one should feel brave for doing but crazy for not doing when necessary.

It’s because many people at these cons expect women cosplaying as vixens (or even just wearing particularly flattering costumes) to be open/ welcoming to crude male commentary and lecherous ogling, like our presence comes with subtitles that say “I represent your fantasy thus you may treat me like a fantasy and not a human in a costume”. And maybe that will always be how the majority of people see us. But that does not mean we have to put up with shit that crosses the line, it does not mean we owe them a fantasy, it does not mean we dress up to have guys drooling over us and letting us know that we turn them on. It is not all about your dicks, gentlemen. So I encourage cosplaying women everywhere to be blunt and vocal with their rights, their personal boundaries, and their comfort level at conventions. I actually encourage girls to be brashly shameless about these things, to not be afraid to speak up if you feel uncomfortable and to let the person doing it know that they are crossing the line. Don’t keep quiet because you’re scared of what they might say or think- because if you say nothing they will continue to see what they’re doing as OK. 

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